Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sea World!

We went to Sea World back in May for my birthday and a one-day admission includes a pass for the rest of the year. How awesome is that? You better believe we're taking advantage of that. Preston's work schedule usually means he has a day off during the week so we like to take advantage of him being home on a weekday and do something fun. We love Sea World. We can get there in 45 minutes and the boys can basically do everything there. Double win! 

I love Dex's face watching Shamu swim by! They were chasing him up and down the tank. 

Davis's favorite part of the shows is clapping and yelling, "Wooooo!" I don't think he cares that there is a show going on. He also likes sharing snacks with random kids in front of us. He was trading cheez-its for fruit snacks. Smart kid. 

We were so excited when the Madetzkes texted us and said they were in town and on their way to sea world! What a happy accident! Hayden was in my very first 5th grade class and now she's in college!! The Madetzkes are like family to us. Hayden and her cute friends were a hit with the boys. They were pulling out all the stops to impress the girls! 

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