Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Movie!

Milestone alert! D and D went to their first movie! They are beyond obsessed with the Cars movie (Daggum is a part of both of their vocabularies and Dex's new favorite saying is "Sexy hot rod!") so we showed them the Planes trailer and it was all over after that. They seriously make me show them the trailer on my phone at least 10 times a day. I even downloaded the instrumental song from the trailer and they make me play it for them over and over and over. "More planes! More planes!"

Preston was especially so excited to take the boys to see Planes. They wore their Dusty Crophopper shirts, ate popcorn and sour patch kids, and had the best time. I couldn't believe they sat through all but 10 minutes of the movie! Granted, we sat behind the handicapped row so the rail was right in front of us and they were able to stand when they wanted to but they still did great! It was so funny to see them digging for popcorn in their bags and watching a flick! I can't lie. I shed a tear or two in the theater watching my big boys have such a good time. Growing up is so bitter sweet. I panic when I look at them and see their babyness slipping away but it's so fun to see their personalities developing. They're a blast to hang out with. We laugh all day. There is no one I'd rather spend my days with than my three favorite dudes. 





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