Sunday, August 11, 2013

Playing catchup

My lack of blogging has gotten out on control. I am vowing to be better. This reminds me of scrapbooking in the 90's. You get so far behind that the thought of catching up is too overwhelming. So  forget it! I'm starting fresh. 

My sweet boys are so much fun right now. Twenty-two months?! How did this happen? Davis and Dex are happy, spunky, hilarious, and so darn lovable. We are having so much fun swimming with them, going to splash pads, playing at the park, racing in the hallway after baths, watching Cars, having pizza on Friday nights, riding firetrucks down the driveway, going to Sonic, obsessing over cars, obsessing over blocks, reading books, singing songs, dancing, watching planes in the backyard, going to the beach, going to petting zoos, and going to Sea World. Dex is obsessed with his blanket, Doggy, Mommy, yogurt covered raisins (that he calls "Meh-Mehs,) the "set go" game, wearing Mommy and Daddy's shoes, and Sally from Cars. Davis is obsessed with Sonic cups (bad news,) the "Night Night" song, nursery, cars, cuddling, folding his arms to pray, basketball, splashing, and "cop corn." 

These are just some random post-dinner playing in the yard pictures from last night.  

This is Davis getting ready for "Ready, Set, Go!" He's an enthusiastic little racer. 

Dex loves to walk in Daddy's shoes. 

 He'll wear Mommy's shoes too. He secure in his manhood. 

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