Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pool Days

Ok, so maybe I should change the title of this post to "inflatable" pool days. Details, details. D and D love water. They have sonar that allows them to locate any and all faucets. Or toilets. Yikes. They worship the splash pad but taking them by myself is a little dicey since they still like to run in opposite directions so I bought an inflatable pool. Surprise, they love it. I basically made all of their dreams come true. It has already provided hours of fun. Best five dollars I've ever spent!

We had an hour to kill before dinner last night and Preston was at work so the boys and I went in the backyard to hang out. (Not so) lucky for me, Dex has figured out how to turn on the hose. Enter Davis filling the pool all by himself and getting in fully clothed. (I promise they were totally supervised.) Gotta love self sufficient, easy to please boys!

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